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I've been meaning to write this note for some time. Working with [Ezine Director] has been a great experience. You deliver everything you promise. [Ezine Director] is almost flawless -- an amazing accomplishment for an online tool. We love the ease of getting campaign stats and the freedom to use HTML to make our newsletter look EXACTLY the way we want it to. Delivery has been 100% reliable. ...

:. Nick Corcodilos, asktheheadhunter.com
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Ezine Director is a web based email list management service. Small businesses keep in constant contact with clients and potential customers. A complete auto responder, ezine hosting, list builder, and email marketing campaign manager. Easy transition from any emailer.

Quick & Simple Start
. instant account access
. guided set up process
. no delay, only five steps
. import Excel or text lists

Management Automation
. website subscription form
. schedule future campaigns
. failed email processing
. auto-reply filter and log
. reuse HTML templates
. sequential auto responder

Monitor Results
. collect demographic data
. analyze campaign response
. block and filter warning
. subscription cancellation report

Compliance & Reputation
. ReturnPath SafeListed Sender
. ISP white listed
. CAN-SPAM compliant
. Sender Policy Framework
. multi-network feedback loop
. eight years of experience

The Tour

Used In 47 Countries
Use it from any location in the world
and distribute content in any language.


Trusted by Thousands
1015 organizations easily keep in touch with their
customers by delivering marketing campaigns,
customer notifications, and electronic catalogs.


Managing Millions
Enterprise infrastructure manages 183 million
subscriptions and associated personal,
demographic, and campaign data.


Billions Delivered
Billions of messages delivered representing
small business, large corporations, universities,
and government agencies. Organizations can expect
high deliverability backed by a decade of experience.